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เอกสารประกอบประชุมวิชาการสมาคมพยาบาลโรคมะเร็งแห่งประเทศไทยครั้งที่ 3


FileDescriptionFile sizeDownloads
Download this file (00-kasem.pdf)DAY 1 NO.00 Sustainable development in health careProf. Emeritus Kasem Watanachai744 Kb60
Download this file (01-weerawut.pdf)DAY 1 NO.01 National policy in cancer care: Service plan in cancerDr. Weerawut Imsamran2891 Kb130
Download this file (02-chanin.pdf)DAY 1 NO.02 Genetic risk and Hereditary cancer syndromeChanin Limwongse2433 Kb62
Download this file (03-1-suwaluck-1.pdf)DAY 1 NO.03-1 How nurse should manage in oncology emergencySuwaluck Wongjunlongsin3789 Kb74
Download this file (03-2-somporn.pdf)DAY 1 NO.03-2 How nurse should manage in oncology emergencySomporn Yapao1976 Kb46
Download this file (04-1-noppakan.pdf)DAY 1 NO.04-1 Drug Hypersensitivity and chemical phlybitis managementNoppakan Wannakansophon3567 Kb54
Download this file (04-2-ketkaew.pdf)DAY 1 NO.04-2 Nursing management in women with abnormal pap smearKetkaew Jengprasert396 Kb69
Download this file (05-surapol.pdf)DAY 2 NO.05 Meet the expert from stem cell to stem cell therapySurapol Issaragrisil7315 Kb25
Download this file (06-suwannee.pdf)DAY 2 NO.06 Creating nursing service design : Home chemotherapySuwannee Sirilerttrakul4619 Kb51
Download this file (06-suwannee-ramamodel.pdf)DAY 2 NO.06 Rama ModelSuwannee Sirilerttrakul5417 Kb38
Download this file (07-1-kanyarat.pdf)DAY 2 NO.07-1 Experience sharing: dealing with cultural diversity in cancer..Kanyarat Suwannaprasert1982 Kb37
Download this file (07-2-patcharee.pdf)DAY 2 NO.07-2 Experience sharing: dealing with cultural diversity in cancerPatcharee Chareonporn590 Kb24
Download this file (07-3-tuan.pdf)DAY 2 NO.07-3 Experience sharing: dealing with cultural diversity in cancer..Tuan IskandarDatomulia311 Kb24
Download this file (09-1-prasert.pdf)DAY 2 NO.09-1 Radiotherapy in advanced cancerDr. Prasert Lertsanguansinchai4455 Kb28
Download this file (09-2-mathurot.pdf)DAY 2 NO.09-2 Radiotherapy in advanced cancerMathurot Sukkasem5054 Kb26
Download this file (10-pratanporn-paranee.pdf)DAY 2 NO.10 Update in symptoms management: New era of oral mucositis carePratanporn Arirachakaran and Paranee Phongnopakoon4133 Kb40
Download this file (11-vasant.pdf)DAY 2 NO.11 Comprehensive cervival cancer preventionVasant Linasamita5660 Kb43
Download this file (12-2-chiraphi.pdf)DAY 3 NO.12-2 Pain control in cancer patients: Pharmaco and non-pharmaco treat..Chiraphi Soonthornkul Na Cholburi2925 Kb49
Download this file (13-2-nongluck.pdf)DAY 3 NO.13-2 Psychological distress in cancer patients: Assessment and imple..Nongluck Anantaard3008 Kb35
Download this file (14-1-johnphajong.pdf)DAY 3 NO.14-1 Psychosocial aspect: Issue in cancer nursingJohnphajong Phengjard1176 Kb37
Download this file (16-1-jarus.pdf)DAY 3 NO.16-1 Social media & cancer nursingJarus Thamtanaruk496 Kb46